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Namib Laboratory Technical & Medical Services offers a variety of the best medical analysers in the pathology field. Our range is comprised of analysers that is faster, more accurate and convenient. The analysers each offers a variety of features depending on the unique requirements. At Namib Laboratory Technical & Medical Services, we can assist and guide you to determine what products best meet your needs.

Point of care diagnostics


  • MP1 Microfluidic chemistry analyser
  • FP-100 Fluorescent immunoassay analyser
  • MS-S600 Mwafer – Microfluidic chemistry analyser
  • MS-S300 – Dry Chemistry analyser
  • MS-S200 – Liquid panel testing for professional home care
  • MS-S100 – Glycated haemoglobin analyser
  • MN CHIP – On-site blood chemistry analyser



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Hematology analysers and reagents


  • MS-H630 – 3 part auto hematology analyser
  • MS-H650 – 5 part auto hematology analyser
  • MS-H652 – auto hematology analyser
  • MS-H660 – auto hematology analyser with crp
  • MS-H655 – auto hematology analyser autoloader
  • Hematology reagents, control and calibrator
  • DF50 Auto Hematolgy analyser
  • DH 36 – 3 part auto hematology analyser for Vet
  • DH 76 – 5 part Auto hematology analyser




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Biochemistry analysers and reagents


  • MS-480 – Fully auto biochemistry analyser
  • MS-680 – Fully auto biochemistry analyser
  • MS-1280 – Fully auto biochemistry analyser
  • Biochemistry reagents
  • Biochemistry calibrator and control




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Chemiluminescence immunoassay analyser


  • MS-C120 Fully Auto chemiluminescence analyser



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  • MS-US30 auto urine analyser
  • MS-U580 Auto urine sediment analyser
  • HY-50 urine analyser
  • HY-500 A urine analyser
  • MS-U330 urine analyser





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